Our Research

We like to think that investment research is in our blood at VyoGroup Wealth Management. Research is not just our central focus; it is one of the factors that sets our company apart. Superior investment research is the foundation that drives our performance, and while wealth-management incorporates additional components, it is from solid research that everything originates.

Our drive to know and learn more has led us to develop one of the most comprehensive research functions in the industry.

We have specialist research divisions, including one that studies widespread trends that impact across numerous business sectors and geographical locations.

We take all of the information gathered from this research into account when choosing investments, building portfolios, and presenting investment advice.

Our analysts create tools to boost the probability of client success. Some tools help us make more accurate forecasts, and others help us build better portfolios. Our research also enables us to shape tailored investment solutions for individuals, families, and institutions. Some of our research capabilities are focused on solving complex wealth-management challenges such as taxation, single-stock holdings, multigenerational wealth transfer, and philanthropy.

Other research focuses on sophisticated investment allocation issues, such as liability-driven investment plans and liquidity management.

As a company and as people, we are wholeheartedly committed to continuously improving. We want our research to be at the leading edge of thought leadership concerning current conditions and upcoming trends. Investment research is an integral part of our history and will be the central basis of our company’s growth going forward.