Cash and Bonds

Cash and Bonds

There is a wide range of taxable and non-taxable fixed-income investment strategies available to choose from, in addition to cash and shorter-term investments.

Fixed-income strategies aim to protect capital, generate income, and act as a counterbalance against stock market volatility. There are also strategies that offer more stability or income for those investors that require it. All investment portfolios, whatever the individual strategy employed at VyoGroup Wealth Management, are actively managed to minimize risk and seek better longer-term returns, by using methodical, research-led systems.

Offerings To Suit Your Needs

Our thorough risk-control processes examine the capacity of bond issuers to deliver prompt interest and principal payments when expected. We also study the risks to the value of bonds caused by the raising or lowering of interest rates.

Active bond management can boost returns and lessen the risk by:

  • Duration and yield curve positioning
  • Regulating exposure to credit quality
  • Research

Cash and shorter-term investments offer different levels of liquidity, income generation, and risk.

To ascertain which offering is most suited to you, we take into account how you aim to use the assets, how long you anticipate keeping them, your tax position, and your income requirements. VyoGroup Wealth Management will help you make the best choice.