VyoGroup Wealth Management Family Services

People with substantial means frequently wish to pass on their experiences, values, knowledge, and wealth to their children. Attentive, tailor-made investment and estate planning cater to the transfer of wealth, but we also believe that many also want to plan to pass on their knowledge and values and experiences.

Cohesive Family Perspective

Many companies will help you to grow the assets you can transfer, but not so many will help you prepare the next generation for their role of handling the family’s wealth.

We encourage families to look at more than the money and unite in a shared vision of the family, your philanthropic giving and be involved, informed, and comfortable with the choices that are made.

Educating Future Generations

Managing significant financial resources can be a daunting and highly involved responsibility to accept, especially if not adequately prepared. There is the responsibility of safeguarding wealth for the future, while at the same time not allowing the responsibility to become a burden. As importantly, life should still be enjoyed to the full.

Are your future family stewards ready and prepared?

Passing On Your Story

Your family legacy is so much more than the money you pass on.

How will you communicate decisive moments, missteps to avoid, fundamental values, and a whole life of accumulated insight gained by both successes and failures? Your heritors will have a more profound appreciation and respect for the material possessions and success they inherit if they are familiar with the whole picture, including the hard times and sacrifices that were made while building the legacy.

Come together with a Shared Commitment

For many families engaged in philanthropy, charitable giving spans more than one generation. Help your beneficiaries to connect with the family’s philanthropic intentions with a two-way exchange of ideas. Healthy communication can encourage a more definite sense of what your motivations are, establishing the central characteristics of a giving legacy while promoting the involvement of future generations. The fruits of your labor taste sweeter when shared.

Four Things Your beneficiaries can inherit:

  • Your Experiences
  • Your Values
  • Your Knowledge
  • Your Wealth

How We Help

VyoGroup Wealth Management’s Family Services team is a dedicated group of experienced professionals who have helped numerous families with the transfer of wealth-related values, experience, and knowledge.

We provide help and guidance so you can:

  • Achieve a collective understanding of your family’s values, ambitions, and worries
  • Cultivate clear communication among family members and between generations
  • Craft tailor-made strategies calculated to achieve your objectives while involving future generations
  • Build customized study programs to improve financial knowledge and foster sound stewardship
  • Formulate a family mission

VyoGroup Wealth Management Wealth Plans

The Family Services team incorporates critical insights into each family’s wealth plan. Their mission is to integrate our clients’ objectives and wealth goals with strategies and advice created to accomplish these aims. The Family Services team is a dedicated group focused entirely on sophisticated wealth planning and incorporates VyoGroup Wealth Management’s vast money-management know-how with specific expertise in areas such as trusts, estate planning, and tax management. First class modeling enables clients to visualize in advance the effects of different strategies on their assets, giving capabilities, and intergenerational wealth transfer. The team is made up of experienced financial professionals who are firmly in the corner of our clients and their representatives.

Let VyoGroup Wealth Management Take The Strain

In an industry where many investment managers resemble one another, VyoGroup Wealth Management has developed into a company like no other. We have resources equivalent to some of the best known global companies, but the service ethos of a boutique investment house. Our resources are extensive, but our relationships are personal, and we aim to make every client feel as if they are the only one.

VyoGroup Wealth Management does not provide legal, tax, or accounting advice. Before making any financial decisions, you should consult with professionals in those areas.

If you’d like to discover how our Family Services team can assist, please contact us for individualized information.