VyoGroup Wealth Management’s highly respected research underpins and energizes the performance of our equity portfolios. We take local knowledge of companies together with a broader global perspective to uncover the best opportunities in major international markets and elsewhere.

Integrated investment teams, structured by investment style and geographical location, analyze fundamental, quantitative, microeconomic, and macroeconomic research when deciding which equities to trade.

We offer a wide range of traditional equity portfolios, including large-cap, mid-cap, small-cap, growth, and value. Due to the volume, liquidity, and sheer opportunity of the market, North America is our primary investment location.

We also cater to those investors seeking higher returns, with corresponding risk tolerances as well as those who are more cautious.

Why equities?

In our view, equities are one of the most profitable long-term investments on offer. They have the potential and are proven to outperform other investments such as real estate, bonds, and cash.

However, due to the volatility of the market, they are not risk-free, which is why, in our opinion, they are better suited to a longer-term investment strategy where they have the probability of delivering greater rewards.

Our discretionary portfolios are designed with the long term in mind, although if the right short term opportunity presents itself, we will take full advantage, if appropriate, on our clients’ behalf.