Golden Apples

Amidst the backdrop of sharp rhetoric and words, the amplified alarm over the military escalation and mobilization of an impending war in the Middle East, the US Markets are hitting new grounds.

The Next Wave

Some 40 or 50 years ago, futurist Alvin Toffler gripped the imagination of the public with what the future may bring. Most of his ideas - which were laid down in two of his bestselling books

The Age of Near-Zero Interest Rates

Since the Federal Reserve reversed course, yields have been going down to near zero levels. This could presage some cause for concern. Before the year 2019 even started

Nothing Adds Up

Ask someone who has seen it all. James Foote, the CEO of CSX who has been in the railroad industry for the last 40 years and has maneuvered his company under various economic environments of past US Presidents;

America’s Oil Wars

Fear of an imminent war between the United States, its middle east Allies, and Iran could be about to escalate after a US drone was allegedly shot down by Iranian forces last month.

The Dollar Versus the Rest of the World

Since Trump assumed office more than two years ago, the White House leadership has been careering towards awkwardness and belligerence.

A Politician’s Drug of Choice

While most countries have some form of legislation designed to criminalize drug use, it comes as rather a surprise when politicians, often regarded as bastions of moral excellence, are exposed by their dirty past of lighting a joint.